Welcome to the Bi-State Project Portfolio

Bi-State Landscape Supply aims to provide commercial and residential clients the confidence that their project materials will be on time and on budget. Our recently completed projects include retaining walls, landscape beds, paths, patios and more. Enjoy!

Before: The client had a decaying tie wall.

After: They chose to go with the Highland 3" & 6" combo in a color that accented their existing natural stone wall.

Before: A really FUN job! Lots to work with.

After: Natural stone steps with Highland 3" & 6" combo in the Fieldstone color for the walls accented with Tennessee Flagstone Supreme caps on the columns.

Before: Probably cool back when.

After: The Bi-State touch!

Before: Unused area under nice deck by existing patio.

After: Bi-State incorporated existing deck & patio with new Natural Tennessee Flagstone area for expanded social activities.

Before: There was a plan for this pool hillside...

After: Then it got finished beautifully with various grass plantings, natural stone wall and fresh brown enhanced mulch!

Water feature with fish at 3112 Pleasant View Dr., High Ridge, MO- our storefront

Ledge rock wall at 3112 Pleasant View Dr., High Ridge, MO

Integrated steps with Diamond retaining wall and caps.

Windsor retaining wall, steppers and mulch for a relaxing spot to look forward to.

Three planting beds using Diamond chocolate blocks and caps.

Landscaped beds, patio and wall at existing deck and pool incorporating them into one exciting place to seek.

Landscaped and outfitted with a fire pit and adirandock chairs for relaxation and enjoyment.

Bush trimming & fresh mulch spruces this landscape right up!

Before: Previously an asphalt waste land...

After: Becomes a beautiful space with bi-level retaining walls, natural stone & ornamental grasses.

Before: Originally an outdated landscape...

After: Transformed into a clean modern landscape complete with birdbath, 2 new sets of natural stone fond du lac steps & walkways.

Before: An alternate view of the previous landscape.

After: The new natural stone fon du lac steps were a very nice touch & created an appealing front entrance to the home & accented the Black Enhanced Mulch well.

Before: Overgrown Landscaping.

After: Much clearer view of the waterfront.

Before: Jungle in suburbia. :)

After: Clear and safe pathways.

Beautiful home with beautiful landscaping maintained by our staff.